January 12, 2024

Despite owning 273 cars over the past 25 years, Dominic Votano had never ventured into the world of electric vehicles, where the MG4 XPOWER puts the fun in the day-to-day.

Dominic, who is the founder of Australian company Premier Strata, said that EV’s had always been something he had been interested in, but it wasn’t until he hopped into the XPower that he knew it was a necessary addition to his household.

“Once I got into it (XPower), I just thought it was fantastic, it was just so much fun, and it holds the road so well,” Dominic said.

In the competitive world of EV’s, Dominic said what impressed him most was just how much valued is packed into the MG4.

“My friend got in and drove it and said he couldn’t believe it was a $60,000 car.”

“It’s not even just the performance, it feels luxury and drives like a really well-built car.”

It’s not just Dominic that the XPower is impressing but also everyone else around him, adding that many in his life are either purchasing EV’s or beginning to think long and hard about making the switch.

“Since I’ve bought it, another friend has also bought an MG, and even my sister is now working out if she can put a fast charger in through her home,” he said.

The convenience that comes from owning an electric vehicle is something Dominic said he never really anticipated, with the purchasing of the XPower changing his life in a multitude of ways.

“We never have to worry about stopping for petrol now, we can do all the jobs that we need to and then take it back home to charge,” he said.

“Another funny thing that no one talks about; I haven’t stopped and bought a snack from the service station in a long time.”

“I’m not overweight, but I think wow, I always used to stop and buy these things when filling up my car and now that I’m not doing that, it must be doing me good.”

“It’s something that no one mentions, it’s just another one of those things you no longer have to worry about when you own an electric car.”

Dominic said there is definitely still a number of fears associated with EV’s to the general public, and a number of untruths that he didn’t know about until he was finally behind the wheel of the XPower.

“The main thing I just didn’t expect was how easy it has been to own.”

“The convenience of owning the XPower has just been fantastic, I just didn’t expect that, it is amazing all that you learn from owning an EV.”

“What I like about the MG4 over others is that it doesn’t look like an electric car in my eyes. Personally I’ve never liked generally how electric cars don’t have grills, people who see the XPower have said ‘wow what a great looking car’ and I agree.”

Dominic said he would heavily reccomend the MG4 as the perfect car to enter into the EV market and said he has already endorsed the car to both friends and family.

“The short answer is yes I definitely would endorse it,” he said.

“I didn’t expect it to be as stylish inside as it is, it doesn’t have a cheap feel to it, I think it’s absolutely fantastic.”

“Anyone who enjoys a fun, sporty and practical car would love the MG4.”

Want to find out why people are raving over the new MG4 XPower, take it for a test drive at your local dealer today.