MG ZS: Affordable and Practical

August 25, 2023

The 2023 MG ZS is an affordable small SUV that’s gained quick popularity in Australia. 

Pricing and Features

It’s a single ZS grade on offer – Excite– which you can pick up for the extremely competitive price of $23,990 drive-away. It sits in a price bracket akin to most of used key selling rivals.


Under the bonnet lives a 1.5-litre engine paired to a 4-speed auto that produces a humble 84kW of power and 150Nm of torque. The entire MG range is backed by a seven-year unlimited kilometre warranty, unless you use the vehicle for commercial purposes which will cap your odometer to 160,000km over that period.


This includes 17-inch alloy wheels, a leather-appointed steering wheel, six speakers, Apple CarPlay, an 8.0-inch touchscreen, a reverse camera and rear parking sensors. All the standard specs you’d expect out of a vehicle in the category, but with a sharper price point than most. It’s cheap and simple, but if you’re after more, you’ll want to look into the more premium of the MG ZST range.


In the world of compact SUVs, the ZS Excite stands out with its unexpectedly roomy interior and commendable design aesthetics. While it might not be an outright head-turner, it subtly exudes a more premium look — especially for those not as car-obsessed as us — than a vehicle that can be driven home for less than $25k.


Buyers have the choice of five exterior colours, including MG’s signature Diamond Red metallic paint. Dover White and Pebble Black come free of charge, while the remaining colours carry a $700 premium.


The safety features in the MG ZS have improved over the years, but the car still maintains the four-star ANCAP rating it received when it was rated in 2017. This is due to omissions like Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), which has become standard for many other brands.

Should I Put It On My Shortlist?

The MG ZS is a great value-for-money proposition, offering a decent set of features and performance at its price point. It’s a step into a new vehicle you’ll only get from used cars of key competition. If you’re restricted by budget and want the peace of mind of a leading seven year warranty, then the MG ZS could be your answer.



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