Best Electric Vehicle 2021 – Finalist MG ZS EV

July 1, 2021

The fact that the MG takes the fight up to vastly more expensive and premium products in this category is testament to how genuine its ability is in the real world. The MG ZS EV is, as mentioned, Australia’s most affordable EV, ensuring that it can be in the consideration set for a broad range of Australian buyers.

Moreover, it has a healthy list of standard equipment and gets close to its claimed range in the real world. It’s also practical, being effectively a medium SUV. Like the e-Tron, the body style sits bang in the middle of the segment that Australians are most interested in, in 2021.

Given it is the first effort from MG, there’s a lot to be said for the execution of the product and it’s a pointer to what the brand wants to achieve in this country with a quality offering at an affordable price point.

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